Opportunity Awaits.

Different perspectives are what make us successful. Not only will BNA Vision create the world-class airport experience in Nashville, but it will also provide valuable contracting opportunities for businesses—both large and small—throughout the region.

The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) embraces its important role as an economic engine for Middle Tennessee. BNA Vision will further strengthen this, and MNAA is committed to making sure everyone has a chance to benefit. Through the Small, Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) program, MNAA promotes and encourages participation among diverse businesses.

SMWBE Participation

Interim International Arrivals Building (IAB) (As of 2/28/2018*)

  • MBE Participation
    • Goal: 9.35%
    • Achieved: 16.62%
  • WBE Participation
    • Goal: 3.34%
    • Achieved: 1.08%
  • SBE Participation
    • Goal: —
    • Achieved: 2.09%
* Interim IAB final pay applications and SMWBE Participation data are pending.

 Parking and Transportation Center (As of 4/11/2018)

  • Design
    • MBE Participation
      • Goal: 6.07%
      • Achieved: 6.8%
    • WBE Participation
      • Goal: 6.84%
      • Achieved: 5.84%
  • Construction:
    • MBE Participation
      • Goal: 8.33%
      • Achieved: 1.48%
    • WBE Participation
      • Goal: 3.83%
      • Achieved: 3.18%
    • SBE Participation
      • Goal: —
      • Achieved: 0.09%

Contracting and procurement opportunities for BNA Vision will be shared on this page as they become available and through MNAA’s Business Opportunities page.


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